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Ptosis Correction | Droopy Eyes

It is a condition in which one eye appears smaller than the other. It can be present since birth, early childhood, acquried during youth or even ptosis may appear as a result of old age. It not only gives a cosmetic concern to the person but might obstruct normal vision. Several surgical options are available depending upon the severity of the droop. Surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia and the patient achieves optimal results in 3-6 weeks.


Lower eyelid bags can be effectively treated through a stitch-less hidden incision behind the eyelid, leaving no skin scars.

With growing age skin and fat around the eyes may become loose and start hanging down or bulging out leading to excess loose skin (Dermatochalasis) and bags of fat. A simple 30 min operation (per eyelid) called Blepharoplasty by an oculoplastic surgeon can restore the healthier and younger looks. If eyebrows are also sagging or droopy, they can be corrected by an additional procedure called browplasty.

Entropion & Ectropion Correction

The in-turning of the eyelid (Entropion) causes rubbing of eye lashes against the eye whereas out-turning of the eyelid (Ectropion) leads to exposure of ocular surface. Both can result in infection, watering, damage to the cornea and even vision impairment. Reasons may be any but oculoplasty surgery can restore the normal alignment of the lid margin and eye lashes. Hence it is not only cosmetic but also vision protecting surgery for the patient.

Lid & Orbital Tumors

Various types of tissue growths, masses and tumors (Benign or Cancerous) can involve the face, eyelids or orbit. These tumors can grow slowly or rapidly and may become not only sight threatening but also life threatening, if not managed in time. It is a misconception that tumors affect elderly people only, rather children also have high prevalance of such tumors. Oculoplasty surgeon is well trained in dealing with such tumors (Ocular Oncology) and can remove these tumors completely with good recontruction of lids and adnexa thus restoring a near normal looking and functional eye.

Facial Paralysis/Lagophthalmos (Gold Weight Implant or Filler Injection)

Facial palsy is a weakness of facial muscles caused by Bell's Palsy, tumor, trauma, stroke, viral infection, or an inflammatory process. This produces an asymmetry of the face and decreased facial expression. Since the muscles of the eyelids are paralyzed, one cannot close the eye on the affected side. This results in eye dryness, redness, tearing, and corneal abnormalities. Furthermore, the eyebrow and the side of the mouth may also show a droop. Eyelid closure can be improved in Facial palsy by eyelid gold weight implant surgery. Also the facial asymmetry can be addressed by doing a facial sling surgery.

Surgery for Watering Eye

Watery eye is usually a sign of blocked tear ducts resulting from infection, injury, or rarely a tumor. Tear duct surgery may be performed to open or bypass the duct and allow the tears to drain directly into the nose (Dacryocystorhinostomy, or simply DCR). Tear duct surgery can be performed through a small incision in the corner near the eye or with endoscopic surgery (with a tiny microscope) through the nose. When tear duct is blocked since birth (due to non-canalization), it can lead to watering since birth and a simple probing can recanalize the duct.

Artificial Eye (Custom Made Prosthesis)

Usually an eye specialist is able to restore visual functions of the eye. But in some cases like severe infection, massive trauma, globe rupture, dangerous eye tumors and painful blind eye; where eye sight cannot be restored, Oculoplastic surgeon can rehabilitate the patient and can give him a "real like" artificial eye. In this Enucleation or Evisceration surgery may be performed by the Ocluplastic surgeon to remove unsightly or damaged parts of the eye and replace it with an implant. After about 4 weeks of healing his Ocluarist will make a custom made artificial eye which look exactly the same as patient's other normal eye. The eyelids will blink normally and this artificial eye will move as a normal eye. The best part of it is that patient need not remove this eye on daily basis.

Procedures Offered

Ptosis Correction

Droppy Eyes


Entropion & Ectropion Correction

Lid & Orbital Tumors Facial Paralysis/Lagophthalmos (Gold Weight Implant or Filler Injection)

Surgery for Watering Eye Artificial Eye (Custom Made Prosthesis)